I've just bought Sketch up Go, How do I get a licence number to use it?

How do i get the required info to start using this program?


Your screenshot indicates yuo are trying to license the desktop version. There is no serial number or authorization code for that anymore. You would have purchased a Subscription so you use the Subscription plan and enter the e-mail address and password you used when you bought the license. Your thread title, though, says you bought SketchUp Go so you wouldn’t be entitled to using SketchUp Pro (desktop). You would be able to use SketchUp Go (web) or SketchUp for iPad. You can get to SketchUp Go (web) at app.sketchup.com or you can get SketchUp for iPad from the Apple App Store.

SketchUp Go


Or download the iPad version from the App Store

If you got the wrong license and you need the desktop version, you can upgrade by paying the difference, sketchup pro also includes the iPad version and has a lot more features than the web version, the upgrade is worth it. Anyways if you decide to upgrade, you won’t receive a serial number or activation code, those were given when perpetual licenses were sold, the last version with perpetual licenses was 2021, I don’t know why they keep that on the program. To be able to use the software you must just login to your Trimble account once you open the program.

Thanks so much to everyone for responding. It sounds like I bought the wrong thing. I wanted to use my desktop.
Now how do I get my money back?

Contact Customer Support at sketchup.com but be patient. It’s the weekend. Someone should be back in the office on Monday to help you.

You could upgrade your subscription to Pro so you can use the desktop version.