Bought PRO licence, but where to find my serial number?

Hi all,
i just purchased sketchup PRO (SKP-PRO-YR-WEB-01), my free month version expired. but how do i sign in on my desktop version and get my purchase activated?
when i manage my account on trimble. it says plan settings: sketchup pro, annual plan. but in my products it only states sketchup free.

who can help me out??

There is no serial number to enter. You sign in on the Subscription page with your e-mail addess and password used when you purchased the subscription.

hi DaveR,
thanks, im signed in with my subscribed account. yet still seeing this page? signed in/out few times.

Click on the person icon at the top right and sign out. Then go to and sign in there. Go to your account and assign yourself the license.

hi DaveR,
thanks you so much!

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Instead of looking at the plan settings or Products, check the Member section and assign the product to the email address that you are seeing there (assuming that’s the one you use in SketchUp)
Assign the Pro by clicking on the three dots beyond it.
When done, it should show the product in the third row.
Then sign out of SketchUp, and back in.