How can I get my license after buying sketchup pro subscription plan?

I have purchased Sketchup Pro subscription plan, but my desktop app didn’t get it, and still says me that I finished my trial.I didn’t get any email with serial or license key. How can I get my skecthup pro?

Sign in under Subscription with the e-mail address and password you set up when you purchased it.

There isn’t any other license information.

It would be nice if this was all it takes. I purchased SketchUP Pro several days ago and nothing works. Almost all the menu items on my iMac Pro (the only computer that I have installed the desktop version) are not accessible. I have followed all of the online documentation and all I can find is that there are 0/1 seats. It looks like I’ll have to wait until Monday to get an answer because company support is working hours only. It doesn’t give a good feeling after spending $300 plus to have to turn to a community for help.

Exactly. I have the same feelings. Just bad user experience.

I did it with my google acc. And repeat it with it. And I only have purpose to begin trial.

So the email address in that row has ‘Product access’ in the third column?
If you sign out in SketchUp itself ( in the welcome screen, top right by clicking on the user icon and choose ‘Sign Out’ then quit SketchUp and start it up again type that email adress in the Trimble ID, don’t use any of the other sign in’s (Google, Apple or Microsoft)

There is something not typical about your situation. For today only, you are still subscribed to SketchUp Go, and you are subscribed to SketchUp Pro. It may be that the Go subscription is being picked up.

I’m hoping that it’s late enough in the day that you have stopped working for today. Please see how things are in the morning, after you have signed out and in again. Then only your Pro subscription should be picked up.

Hello, Colin. You got the point everything is fine today. I think this happened because I bought Go subscription first and then added Pro. Maybe this caused delayed reaction.
Thank you for attention.

Now everything works well. Thank you for attention.

Thanks for the update. I will let support know, because the same thing could happen to other people.

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