Upgrade from Sketchup go to sketch up Pro for iPad Pro

How do I upgrade from SketchUp go to SketchUp Pro for my new iPad Pro?

SketchUp Go will give you access to SketchUp for iPad. That means all the iPads that can handle IOS 15 and up.
No distinction between iPad Air or Pro.

SketchUp Pro gives you access to the desktop modeler, eg Windows and MacOS.

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… And no distinct versions of the app on Sketchup for iPad. You just have one version on the iPad.

Sketchup Go is just a new Subscription Tier which offers you the iPad app plus the web app.

If you’re not planning on using Sketchup for Desktop and only want to use Sketchup in the iPad, that Subscription Tier is enough. If, besides Sketchup for the iPad, you want to use Sketchup for Desktop in Mac or Windows you need the Sketchup Pro Subscription. If you use it on windows and want to include Vray and other goodies, you can Subscribe to Sketchup Studio.


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If I may tag into this because the title is actually correct for what I would like to ask…

I have go for iPad, purchased on the apstore. I would like to upgrade my sub to Pro so that I will also have a computer version, layout, etc.

I can’t find an option to upgrade the sub that allows me to pay the difference between the two. Is it possible?

@jtfm9fmfx5 and @Danimaupin please feel free to contact our support team via ios-mobile@sketchup.com

They can help you with the upgrade process.

The support team will surely mention this as well, but for the sake of others who might come across this thread, after switching over to a SketchUp Pro subscription, which is managed by Trimble’s e-commerce platform, you’ll want to cancel the SketchUp Go subscription that you purchased via Apple’s e-commerce platform so that it doesn’t auto-renew.

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Thank you! Very helpful.