iPad Pro to desk top

I have sketch up for iPad subscription approx £95 a year the question is , is it possible to upgrade to desk top and in doing. So does it still stay on my iPad as well as desk top, also if i upgrade do i get Layout on desk top as well as on my iPad .

You can upgrade to a SketchUp Pro subscription which would add SketchUp Pro (for desktop) along with LayOut, SketchUp Go (web) and a bunch of other stuff. There is no LayOut for iPad. You’ll have LayOut on your desktop, though.

Thank you for the quick reply , my daughter is using it at the moment and is a student is she entitled to get student discount .also if i have the subscription installed on a mac desktop and then switch to a windows desk top is this transferred to the widows from the mac desk top .

Just a little clarification about - as I call myself - the “SketchUp naming matrix”…

There are four subscription options.
You did not subscribed the iPad version, but you have chosen the Go subscription option, which allows you to use it on the iPad (and you can use SketchUp for Web with some extended functions…).
This sheet may help to clarify what I meaning…

She might be able to get a discount. She should look at this link:

The license would permit one person, your daughter, to use it.

The license is not operating system specific. You can install SketchUp Pro later on a Windows machine if you choose.

Thank you guys for the prompt reply’s will get on to it tomorrow really appreciate the advice.

The pro subscription lets you use also sketchup on iPad along with all the other cool features that the desktop version has. I have two machines a MacBook and a windows desktop and with my pro license I can have sketchup installed on both machines, but I can use only one at the time, anyways you can use the iPad and desktop version at the same time without any issues.

Thanks for the quick reply’s , now purchased of a reseller awaiting the licence .


There is no license with SketchUp Pro. If you have upgraded from Go to Pro, you can now sign into your account here:


and you should see that you now have a Pro subscription. I checked using the email you use in the forum, and that doesn’t have any subscription. If when you signed in to Trimble you used the Sign in with Apple option, continue to use that way of signing in.