Can’t do ANYTHING without pro I guess

I just got sketchup and I can’t even create a new PROJECT without pro. This is really making me annoyed because it’s a free app, I shouldn’t have to pay a ton for something I don’t even know if I want because there NOTHING I can do without it. Help! Am I doing something wrong?

Evidently you are. What exactly are you trying to do? What version are you using? SketchUp Free (web) or SketchUp for iPad? Your profile makes that unclear and it’s difficult to help you without the correct information.

iPad version

Fix your profile.

What do you mean

There isn’t an option for free iPad version

There’s no free iPad version. Unless you use the free web version in iPad

No there isn’t because there is no free iPad version. It’s part of the SketchUp Go, Pro, and Studio packages.

Presumably you’d be using it as a hobbyist. The options would be SketchUp Free which will run in a browser on Mac OS, Windows, and Chrome or you could use SketchUp 2017 Make on Windows or MacOS.

Hi @kittymeowsical1 , per your note:

We agree! When you signed in to SketchUp for iPad, you should have seen the option to use the app’s full feature set for free for 7 days before deciding whether or not to purchase a subscription.

Please let us know if for any reason you’re not seeing this option, or if you’re having any trouble with the trial not working.

I hope this helps!

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7 days? If you sign up for a trial of Pro, you get 30!

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That’s correct… sort of.
In actuality, we do not offer a trial of SketchUp Pro.

We now offer a 7-day trial of SketchUp Go (through the Apple App Store) – allowing access to SketchUp for iPad, SketchUp for Web, and Trimble Connect Business.

We also offer a 30-day Trial of SketchUp Studio (through – allowing access to ALL THE THNGS :slight_smile: including: SketchUp for iPad, SketchUp for Web, SketchUp for Desktop, LayOut, Trimble Connect Business, SketchUo Viewer apps for HoloLens and VR, Scan Essentials, PreDesign and More!


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