Sketchup Pro vs. iPad features/functions

I’m coming back to Sketchup after several years because my primary computer is an iPad Pro and I just learned Sketchup has an iPad app now. However, I haven’t had any luck finding a true, definitive list comparing features of Sketchup Pro and Sketchup for iPad.

Since the iPad version will be the only version I will use, I want to make sure it has all of the features I need, especially if I will be paying $200 a year for the software. My first red flag was that it appears the iPad version does not have Outliner, which is a huge letdown. I’m a woodworker and don’t make overly-complex things, but even making something pretty basic like kitchen cabinets or a chest of drawers is much easier with Outliner as I recall.

So I’m just curious if anyone knows of a resource that details all or just major features that are missing from the iPad version, and if you think it’s really usable without the full version to fall back on.


It does have outliner now. A complete list would be nice, though it is a moving target because it’s constantaly being improved and updated.

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One limitation is that it cannot run extensions. There are still some bugs, but development has been quite active, with frequent updates to fix bugs and add features. @MikeTadros could give you the full story.

Oh nice! Thanks for the info. Does it also have parametric modeling or the ability to define certain measurements so they can easily be changed without having to rebuild a model?

It doesn’t do Dynamic Components, and I’m not sure it ever will. They’re being replaced by Live Components, and I’m a little foggy on their status on iPad. I think they do work to some degree. Live Components look and work a lot like Grasshopper in Rhino.

Live Components can be used from the 3D Warehouse, or built from

You can read more on the forums from


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