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SketchUp for iPad is our new editor exclusively for the iPad. It includes many of the features of SketchUp Desktop and SketchUp Web, but also takes advantage of the Apple Pencil and touch screen functionality of the iPad.

Post here for any of the reasons below, or find your own:

  • New to SketchUp for iPad? Have questions about getting started?
  • Just installed SketchUp and having issues? Let us know!
  • Want to show off what you’ve done in this version of SketchUp?

Be sure to check out the Help Center to get started as well.

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Enjoyed my last weekend with Sketchup for Ipad. I liked the autoshape feature and wondered if more shapes will be added to menu, or even a way to customize more. In addition, better splines or ways to draw freeform smoother with pencil will be great. Otherwise great good.