[Feature Request] SketchUp for Web (previously my.sketchup) on iPad

That’s it. As an app, and Apple Pencil compatible.


I hear you- I love my iPad Pro as well, and I want to be able to use it with SketchUp too. We didn’t intend that my.SketchUp should be a solution to the problem of running SketchUp on a tablet, primarily because the UX is really different when you don’t have a keyboard or a mouse. That new Pencil is awesome.

Our most full-featured solution for working with SketchUp models on your iPad right now is the SketchUp Mobile Viewer. You can’t edit models with it, but it is a pretty capable model viewer.


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Of course I have SketchUp Mobile Viewer, but (for an architect) it’s nor enough :slight_smile: .
You say the UX is really different, I don’t think so.
I strongly recommend you to try Shapr3D https://appsto.re/it/gyAebb.i and Autodesk Graphic https://appsto.re/it/bM8Pv.i , both have desktop like app class, Autodesk Graphic has strong keyboard (iPad external keyboard) shortcuts integration, like its desktop counterpart.
I really believe that with a minimum UI and UX adaptation, my.sketchup would be easily ported to an iPad/Tablet app. And I really can’t wait for it.

If you need a beta tester, I would be really happy to help :slight_smile:

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Is there an edition of Chrome for iPad ?

Of course, but, really, I believe that, in a mobile world, a workaround is not what we need.
In my vision my.sketchup is the core, that works fine on the desktop web;

On mobile, based on the same core, we (could) have:

  • Sketchup Mobile Viewer app

  • Sketchup Mobile app

my.sketchup works quite fine on a Chromebook. which is mobile, and my model cost ~250 USD.

Well I am going to disagree with you.

The market (endusers) are moving away from iPads and other dedicated tablets, toward detachables. Apples share of this part of the market has been steadily declining.

And here you are advocating that a platform specific mobile edition be authored and compiled just for a small segment of the userworld. This does not make good business sense for Trimble.

(They already distro 3 editions for 2 platforms over 11 languages = 66 distributions.)

It would be different if iPads could run the SketchUp core with just UX changes for mobile & pens, and the iPad buyers paid for this developement.

Creating my.sketchup is the best answer. All platforms can run browsers. I cannot see not being able to drive the same UI that I drive with a mouse pointer, with a pen pointer.

So, I am generally against creating specific platform editions for iPad and Blackberry, etc.


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I think that numbers have to be deep analyzed, I don’t think Apple continues to improve their (iPad) hardware if it doesn’t sell well or they don’t have a vision behind it. People now buy less iPad/tablets because they already own one, probably they don’t use it a lot, or buy a new one every year, but I see people using tablets around everyday.

But, despite numbers and the economic things: have you ever tried a tablet in the field? :slight_smile:

As architect, the reason I brought iPad Pro was the Apple Pencil, and, believe me, now I ditched real paper. I use the iPad everyday, more than desktop.

From a Pro user / business point of view, the chance of working on the go is very attractive.
Every software company is investing into mobile, look at Autodesk.
I saw Trimble investing into the Cloud (Trimble Connect, my.sketchup, 3D Warehouse), Mobile is a natural consequence of Cloud.

From an end user or education point of view, the possibility of 3D sketching, in 3D printing world, would be fantastic. Children learn to draw before they learn to read, using a stylus for 3D drawing is the imminent future.

Commercially speaking opportunity is greedy. You could even sell a monthly or yearly subscription Sketchup service.

I see my.sketchup as a brain, now we need the body. :slight_smile:

Technically speaking, implementation of my.sketchup into an app as already been done: SketchUp Mobile Viewer. This can be done, again, for creating a full SketchUp app. The core is already there, the team just need to do little UI / UX adaptation.
Why an app and not just a web-browser adaptation?
Easy: apps are still much more powerful than its web service counterpart, apps have more APIs to use, apps work offline.

My question is: Why not?

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I don’t think I’ve said we won’t build a version of SketchUp that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of a Tablet (like your iPad Pro).

Instead, what I said was that my.SketchUp isn’t the solution you’re looking for at this time. And I just don’t talk about future product development we may have underway until we’re ready to launch.



ChromeOS recently get full pen support and Google is planning to announce some devices with pen this Fall.
If someone desire to use a pen then it may be easily implemented in web version (My.SketchUp). Just buy a modern device on ChromeOS to use it for Chrome Apps, Web Apps (like My.SketchUp) and Android apps (like AutoCAD) with a pen.

First thing I did when I loaded my.sketchup was draw a box. Second thing, see if if works on my iPad! Because I can’t think of many other reasons for using a web based version over the desktop.

Everybody has an iPad and everyone who also uses Sketchup wants to use it on their iPad to edit on the go.

As far as UI goes the only thing that needs addressing is the spacial navigation, Pan and Orbit which could be achieved by gestures (Something that the desktop version would benefit from as well so you could use it with a Wacom tablet.) Or a button you hold with one finger while you drag your pan or orbit with the other finger or pen.


Incorrect. I do not, and never will have any Apple product.

I don’t see it happening unless the same exact browser that runs on windows and android can run on Ipad?

The way Apple is, I’m pretty sure they make sure that you can’t have the same exact browser. Maybe jailbreaking your Ipad?

It would be nice if the Space Navigator I got from 3D Basecamp would work with my Chromebook.

Due to its cost and full-sized keyboard, I think I will stick with the Chromebook as my portable device for the next few years - at least. If I really wanted to splurge, I could get the Chromebook with more tablet-like features - but …