Full SketchUp modeler for iPad

BIM and Mobility on building site improve productivity
iPad and iPad pro become really powerful
as a SKP user since many years, i am sure that a Skp ( not the viewer but a full modeler) will make a “bing bang” in BIM market
Graphisoft and Autodesk ( with it’s SKP clone) are the only BIM player on iPad
I cannot believe that it’s not a Trimble target too
If not, I will be very disappointed and will move to other solution because mobility is really the future AMHA
I know, Trimble will not comment future… but just do it please !!!

How much would you pay for an iSketchUp Pro native app ?

Same price as regular SKP pro if features are similar

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Does the new my.sketchup run on a tablet? Technically it should, right?


I’m a fan of tablets, but realistically I can’t see getting serious sketchup work done without a blue tooth keyboard (or keypad) and the pen or a mouse attached. I like being able to use a keyboard for numerical input (building design) as well as for quick access to commands. I haven’t tried the iPad Pro (but I really want one for drawing / sketching) - so if the Pencil really is as good as it is made out to be, it might be a great way to SketchUp on the go…

I’ll give you that the commands can be overcome with a good UI, but the keypad is trickier, unless you get a popup keypad every time you want to push pull, move, copy, rotate, etc. etc.

Not that it can’t be overcome - would just need some clever UI.

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If it has a WebGL compatible browser,… yes.

But they have said that they are not yet ready to even begin to address the UI interface for mobiles.

Excellent idea for the VCB,… touch or hover over the Measurements control and a keypad could expand upward. It might even be handy for some of the detachable or notebook users.

@ericdbohn (ping)

if you wann do some 3D sketching on an iOS device ‘GravitySketch’ is probably one of the most interesting.