My.sketchup or sketchUp school for ipads?

Is there anything in the works for a touch sensitive ipad friendly version of my.sketchup? I tried using the browser application (chrome and also safari) but things got wonky fast. Would it work better if I used a keyboard?

Tablet computers (like iPads) use multi-touch interaction with your fingers to replace a keyboard and mouse. SketchUp was designed for computers with a keyboard and mouse, so there are many things about working without them that will make working on an iPad a frustrating experience for now. For now, my.SketchUp works best on a computer with a keyboard and mouse.

You can use our SketchUp Viewer application for iOS to get a sense for how a multi-touch capable version of SketchUp might work in the future, but of course we don’t yet have a full set of modeling features available there.


Can anyone tell me how to right click on an ipad using my.sketchup?

Exactly- that’s the sort of problem I’m describing. Since there isn’t a mouse available on your iPad, there also isn’t a right mouse button. Which is how SketchUp is expecting to be notified that you want to invoke a context menu.

Unfortunately, we just aren’t ready to support my.SketchUp (either as a web application or as a full native client application) on tablets quite yet. But I hear many requests for us to support SketchUp modeling on iPads and other similar devices. I hope we’re able to better support those requests with future products.


For those looking for something like Sketchup on iPad there are a few good alternatives:

  • for those doing things like architectural models, Autodesk Formit is very similar to Sketchup in many ways
  • for those doing modelling of objects or 3d printing, Shapr3D is very nicely designed and natural to use with pencil and multi-touch

It would still be awesome if Sketchup were to have a true iPad version, but since we’re moving towards iPads here, as are many schools, we’re glad there are some good alternatives.

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