Sketchup for iPad?

I am a handicapped user of Sketchup Pro on Windows. On weekends when I go to my parents I take my iPad with me, it would be very beneficial for me if Sketchup was available in an App in the App Store on my iPad!

I would love to see Sketchup become available for use on an iPad, even if it were a basic version similar to Google Sketchup!


What’s the benefit of you using the iPad if you don’t mind me asking, the touch screen capability or the Apple pencil (or both).

Although it’s a lot more expensive, the Wacom MobileStudio Pro allows full Windows applications but with both touch and stylus. Wacom just released the Wacom 3D Stylus with three buttons too.

Between the iPad and the MobileStudio (price wise) there are also a lot of Windows touch enabled devices, however you want to make sure to find one with gesture based compatibility so you can have the functionality of a three button mouse.

The benefit of using the iPad is that my father doesn’t have to unplug all of my peripherals and pack up my laptop every weekend when he picks me up to go to his house for the day! Him being one handed it is much easier for him to pack up my iPad than it is my laptop!


At this point in time there is no iOS native SketchUp app, and to my best understanding, the free web version doesn’t run on iOS. Additionally, I believe there is an issue with how it would run on a touch device, since they treat clicks and drags totally differently than a desktop with a mouse does.

Your best bet is to use a lighter laptop, I believe.

Off topic, but on the touch point, I have been using SketchUp with a Stylus for years, and more recently a touch enabled tablet (with stylus) and while it does take some getting used to, it’s entirely possible to use for anything you can use a three button mouse for.

How do you move the cursor on a tablet without “clicking” on something?

When you remove your finger or pen from the tablet screen and put it down somewhere else on the screen, the cursor will move to that new point.

The new screens are highly accurate and sensitive, much more so than the last generation.

I use my fingers to zoom in on the screen and select the tools from the sidebars too. So I am using both hands on the tablet at the same time if that makes sense.

Does that not also “click” on the point you place the cursor?
I still don’t see how you can use the inferencing system with a touch screen device when there is no “hover” to indicate you’re in the right place.

Sorry, I forgot to add there is a hover with the stylus but not with your finger so thats how I avoid that particular problem!

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That’s the inherent problem with the iPad. It’s even made me start to look at the kind of Windows machines @liamk887 is talking about. Apple could solve that with the Apple Pencil if they put their mind to it, but don’t hold your breath.

I’m not sure about Windows machines, but maybe you should look into a one cord docking station? They exist for the Mac. Unplug one cable from the laptop and leave all the other stuff plugged into the docking station.

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That could possibly be a talking point for the Sketchup team! I feel as though they could create a solution to your question/comment!

I’m just curious. Do you plan to just wait until they do develop a version that will run on iPad, if that ever happens?

No, I have Sketchup Pro but I would love to have Sketchup for iPad so I can practice using it on weekends when I go to my parents house for the day. It would be much easier for my dad if he didn’t have to unplug my peripherals and pack up my laptop!

One option, if you both have good Internet, is to leave SketchUp running on the laptop at home, then use something like Remotix to operate your laptop. Here’s a screen recording of my iPad Pro, operating SketchUp Pro 2018 under Windows 10 (running in an emulator on my Mac, but that isn’t important!).

Here’s a low data of the start of the video:

I have a keyboard on my iPad, and mostly shortcuts were working. You’ll see too that sometimes I pinched to zoom the iPad screen, rather than mouse wheel zoom the SketchUp document.

Remotix has a touchpad mode, where you can mouse around, get help tips and so on, and that mode might be better with SketchUp in many cases.


Cool thanks!!!

I believe there are several CADD programs (uMake, Onshape, and Shapr3D) which operate very well with an Apple Pencil and have a very similar structure to SketchUp. My challenge is when do I vacate SketchUp for one of these alternatives? I’ve played with these alternatives and I’ve been impressed.

Ive used them all, Shapr3d is the only really useful one but it’s not worth the $250 per year that’s crazy talk. That’s more expensive than my subscription to the Substance Suite