iPad Options for Sketchup

There have been other topics covering this, long since expired, such as :
this and this or just search for Sketchup on iPad.

Funny how someone suggested “Shapr3D is an excellent 3D app for iOS”; I thought maybe Shapr3D should develop a desktop alternative. Perhaps that is indeed coming soon courtesy Project Catalyst (Apple’s solution for porting iPad apps to Macs). This is great news as it will increase the competition and number of solutions.

In the meantime, it would be great to have a concise list of options for using an iPad with Sketchup, meaning more than Sketchup Viewer, apps that will let us use an iPad in the field to capture and manipulate info that can then be used (to varying degrees of ease) in Sketchup.

Would folks be willing to share their wisdom to compile such a list, adding maybe a few key features that make an app useful?

I’ve done just a bit of research and will share a couple of replies to this post, one per app.

Please contribute your wisdom (vs rants ;-).

*Very limited free version

  • $240/year
  • $25 monthly
  • Free for Education :+1: (wise long-term thinkers)
  • Only works with Apple Pencil (1st & 2nd gen.) thus only works with iPads that work with Apple Pencils (if there is a pencil with it ;-), though they “…are on a mission to make Shapr3D available for all touch screen devices on all platforms, but it takes time…”
  • Exports directly to Sketchup
  • Similar Forum to this (always good to have a user forum)

Please reply to this with more wisdom on Shapr3D

Install Chrome … (or Safari or a preferred browser) …

Google Chrome on the App Store - Apple

… and then try SketchUp for Web - Free or Shop (less than 10US per month, paid yearly)


  • $96/year

  • $16 monthly

  • No free version that I can find beyond…

  • 14 day trial that converts automagically to 1 year subscription if you don’t cancel first; you can cancel right away, in case you are forgetful)

  • I’ve asked about Education pricing; Free to students one year at a time.

  • Works with Apple Pencil but not required

  • Imports directly to Sketchup; no direct export

  • Similar Forum to this (is everyone using this forum software now?)

  • 2015 iPad Pro App of the Year

Any info on how well that works?
Pencil required?
How does it work without a mouse?
What about not having web access?

I myself do not care for web apps, and secondly I do not use Apple products.
Others have posted here about using SUfW on iPads.

Not required. But the controls are all spaced out so as to account for “finger size” touch.

Don’t know. This is why I suggest “TRY”.
ADD: The right-click context menus are important to good workflow, so you’d need to have a way to activate them.

There is an edition that can be downloaded and run offline.
It is called a Progressive Chrome app.

It’s pretty bad on Chrome for iPad. I have an iPad Pro 10.5 with iOS 12.3.1. It crashes quite a bit. In between crashes one can draw with the pencil. You can pan and zoom with icon support but NO mouse support in iPads until iPadOS 13 comes out.
Works a bit better in Safari.

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Updated pricing info from the developers:Unfortunately, Apple keep all previous purchases on their list so it looks confusing. Only refer to the in-app list of features that are available with each of the subscription types (Essentials, Premium, Pro).

Morpholio Trace:

Note: This isn’t really a good SU option as there is no export, but I came across it while looking and it appears impressive. Just know that it is currently really a standalone app.

  • I really liked this at first look, as it does a great job it seems with allowing you to creat 3D models starting from images, but, the pricing is confusing and there are currently no export options other than PDF and JPEG.
  • The have a great User Guide which is really a Quick Tips/Quick Start guide
  • Pricing is a bit confusing (see below; these pricing models just don’t work for me; too much work figuring them out/deciding what you need)
  • Works with Apple Pencil but seems it is not required
  • No direct exports only PDF & JPEG (But, "If you would like other formats please let us know at the Send Request Form.
  • No Forum I could find

The Pricing Confusion
In-App Purchases:

  • Trace Pro Subscription$19.99
  • Trace Pro Subscription$7.99
  • Grids Template$1.99
  • Scale Grids$1.99
  • Trace Premium$9.99
  • Diagrams$1.99
  • Architecture$1.99
  • Trace Essentials$4.99
  • Perspectival Grids$0.99
  • Figures: Female$0.99

But, in the app description section it says:
Morpholio Trace subscription plans are available in the following options:

  • TraceEssentials annually for $4.99 USD
  • TracePremium annually for $9.99 USD
  • TracePro annually for $19.99 USD

Then, after downloading, the pricing says (the same thing as right above) except there is a free version and it displays the features (see attached) available at each level) and it seems after download you get a brief 3-5 day trial of Pro):

  • Basic Free
  • TraceEssentials annually for $4.99 USD
  • TracePremium annually for $9.99 USD
  • TracePro annually for $19.99 USD