IPAD for 2020

Hello all. First time post here. Desperately looking for a reason to move away from shapR (not really and architectural tool. And Autodesk Formit is very clumsy compared to SketchUp. I am often in instances where I could pull out my IPAD and kill an hour working on our latest design project. I won’t give up my IPAD pro, but find ShapR not a good architectural option and Formit is simply too clumsy compared to Sketchup. Sketchup needs to be available for IPAD. MUST HAVE IPAD SUPPORT.

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There are many wishing for ipad support. Sketchup is starting to cater to the users they can make the most money from. I doubt your request will ever be filled.

Where did you get that impression? There might be web based functionality, but the core will always be the desktop client, what if you loose internet connection?

I stand corrected.