Does it run on an I pad? Have You some experience with it?


I want to buy this new big i pad with touchscreen. Can i work with it, if I want to use sketch up?


As of now, my.sketchup does not support iOS.


But, quite a few things do work, you could get a feel for what it will be like one day.


Agreed! The my.sketchup beta is nearly there. The UI is great, just need gesture and stylus support and we’re good to go. I already draw in sketchup with my iPad Pro using duet display. Would be great to be able to do so on the go, and the my.sketchup nearly gets us there :slight_smile:


I noticed today, running the lateset iOS public beta, that my.Sketchup on iPad now displays the icons and UI at the correct size, instead of scaled super big so that you can’t use them. I’m not sure if this is because of a change in iOS, or a change in my.Sketchup… Unfortunately, it now crashes all the time too, probably an iOS bug in the current beta, so still no go.

There are a few interesting 3D modelling apps for iPad that suggest what Sketchup could do:

  1. Autodesk Formit is the most Sketchup-like, with features such as shadows, components/groups and layers. Unforutnately there is no easy way to take files from Formit and move them into Sketchup, and it’s not as nice to use as Sketchup (this is not an iPad issue, but is true of Formit both on iPad and on Windows). Those guys just don’t quite have the UI finesse that he Sketchup guys do, although it’s certainly a viable alternative for many tasks.

  2. Shapr3D is a fantastic UI, very natural, nicer design than Sketchup or Formit, and really shows how good a 3D sketching/modelling app can be on iPad. It does lack a lot of Sketchup’s core features though, and is more aimed at being a solid modelling CAD app. But getting great traction in the 3D printing field and schools using iPads, from what I’ve seen. Nice for quick concepts and exploring 3D forms.

  3. uMake is a more experimental app, different approach to 3D sketching. Not really to my liking, but worth mentioning.

(Several of the above have been featured in Apple iPad videos.)

But without a true Sketchup solution on iPad, my workflow is slowly moving away from Sketchup and into using some of these other apps like Autodesk Formit and Shapr3D, even though I’ve been a Sketchup user since the early 2000s. But working on iPad with Apple pencil is so natural for us design / architecture types, and many of my colleagues are beginning to use iPad more and more.

But I think there’s still a huge opportunity for Sketchup to step in and steal the market from these other tools, given Sketchup’s great reputation, great toolset (the inferencing, consruction geometry, components, layers and sections). They just need something like my.Sketchup on iOS, with pen/touch support like Formit and Shapr3D do. my.Sketchup is so tantalizing, such a clear and beautiful distillation of the desktop version of Sketchup into a clean and simple modern interface. As you say, it’s almost there!