What is the consensus on SketchUp for iPad?

I have been using sketch up on iPad and am able to build but it all seems very limited. Adding proper text, exporting to say building permit office. Etc
Is it just a little useless for really getting real work done as opposed to putting thoughts quickly down. I just dont see a lot of depth to the functionality.

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I love that it works at all and I use it to present some of our stuff to clients. I’ve seen great things being created with it on various Youtube-channels so there is an audience for it. Some NextGen Audience I assume. Working with it for me is like working with just one arm and one eye. Without my array of Plugins, the big screen and my belove-hated (more love than hate) Layout it simply doesn’t fit my kind of jobs and my kind of work-style. But it’s cool none the less!

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I’m realizing that exact sentiment as I look for buttons options and tools that don’t exist.
Might have to go pro.

A small point: the topic title appears to refer to the Web based SketchUp Go, but the discussion is about SketchUp for iPad which is not the same thing. Can someone change the topic title to SketchUp for iPad?

It’s great but I think you have to have proper expectations for it.

I can design much faster my pc pro version but while I was at a birthday party for my kid’s friend, I can’t bring my pc w/ me. I can however bring my iPad and work on small projects or pieces of projects and transfer them to pc when I get home.

Also, remember we are in the early stages of the iPad version. With time it will get better and more robust.

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I appreciate that. I definitely need to go pro desktop