Need an Advice for SketchUp iPad!

Dear SketchUp users on iPad,

I want to ask about the SketchUp iPad, I want to purchase the app but need to make sure of things that dearly matter to me, is the app going to give the exact design of walls and shaped I want regrading the exterior design ?

And how about the interior ! Am I going to find every single design and style of furniture in 3D warehouse? Cause I want really to exchange my iPad with SketchUp app with my desktop for a long period of time ! So is it going to be that functional?


It’s a computer program. Your design will be as exact as you moddel.

Not neccessarily. There are a lot of pieces of furniture but maybe not every single design or style. You are certainly free to create your own models of furniture if you can’t find what want in the 3D Warehouse, though.

It should be functional for what you need. You should spend some time going through the instructional materials at

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Just be aware that the iPad version, like the web versions, does not support the use of plugins or extensions.

And it will struggle with large models that might be no problem in a desktop version.


I wouldn’t do that, sketchup pro version runs only on windows or MacOS systems, for professional work, the desktop version is way better than the iPad version, I have a pro license which includes the iPad license, I’ve tried to use it for personal projects a couple times on my iPad Pro, but it lacks of features necessaries for me, for example LayOut and the possibility of install extensions, I’ve been using sketchup for over ten years and it’s kind of cumbersome doing it with the iPad, you can model with exact measurements but it takes more time for me than with the desktop version.

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Sketchup for ipad is an incredible asset but it won’t replace the desktop version.

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