SketchUp ipad App - Do you like it?

What are everyones thoughts on SketchUp for iPad?

I love it. But I started with it and it almost has a completely different interface working style than pro. I tend to see that people who were proficient in pro or other paid desktop versions don’t seem to like it as much as I do, which is completely understandable.

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I like it well enough, and I want to move in the direction of doing more work on the iPad, but I have to admit I’m more productive on desktop and can’t give up using desktop for the bulk of my heavy lifting. For me it’s a great companion to desktop, but over time we’ll see more people like @Danimaupin who come to SU because of the iPad version.

I wasn’t convinced at first, I found it hard to use with a stylus, however after having spent more time with it , there is something kind of relaxing about slowing down what I’m doing and being more considered with my designs.

I really like the Markup mode and being able to draw textures straight from my stylus onto a face. So cool.
And of course, I can connect a mouse and keyboard to it which speeds me right up again :smiley: