SketchUp for iPad Pricing

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I have been anticipating the iOS release for sometime and am excited to see it finally come to fruition, so congrats to all involved in that process.

As a self-funded student, I have some questions about the pricing:

  1. The current subscription model is annual meaning it’s a rather large chunk for those without the spare expenditure, will there be a monthly model anytime in the future?

  2. While there is a license for students, this only includes the desktop and web version of SketchUp, As I near exclusively study on my iPad, are there any plans to bring the iOS version to the student license in the near future?

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  1. I cannot speak to the future, but right now the annual subscription is the way to go.
    It’s also $55 for a student per year, definitely friendly for any student budget.

  2. SketchUp Studio for Students includes SketchUp for iPad - SketchUp Studio for Students 1-Year License Download – Creation Engine


I want to purchase SketchUp for our middle school students in grades 6-8. We are a K-12 public education school district in Indiana. I only need the iPad version and the SketchUp for Education doesn’t provide enough capabilities as the Pro version. How can I purchase this for students?

Also, our students use it for a period of 9 weeks only, so out of the entire school year they will only use it during that time period. I would like to take the license from group 1 students and apply it to group 2 students. Is that possible?

Education licenses include SketchUp Pro and SketchUp for iPad at $55/year.
You should be able to change the users between groups 1 and 2 but I am not positive - hoping someone from the EDU team can jump in here…

Probably best to tag @Tori_SU as I am not sure she frequents this corner of the forum.

@dchase Although we do not yet have SketchUp for iPad available as a standalone K-12 offering, you can absolutely purchase it as a part of our discounted SketchUp Studio for Higher Education bundle. In terms of the lowest pricing, and the ability to reassign subscription seats, my recommendation would be that you take a look at our bulk subscription offering, linked here.

It has tiered pricing options making it significantly cheaper when purchasing seats for an entire class, and it also allows the account administrator to reassign seats as often as required, meaning that you could use the same subscription across each of your student groups.

Great information so thanks!

Is that a cost per license, per person cost or per lab cost?



The price indicated shows the cost per seat, or the total number of users that you can assign licenses to at one time. The bulk option requires a 10 seat minimum, but it gives you a starting discount of $5 per seat vs buying them individually, and only gets cheaper the more that you purchase!