How to get to Sketchup for Schools?

I have a large school of drawing and modeling. I would like to provide an educational license for my students to use Sketchup on the iPad. Is it possible to get privileges for school students? For example, a 1 year educational version for a tablet?

Hi @machula.vlada. Thanks for the post! While I have replied to you in the other thread, for the sake of those who are searching our forum in the future I am going to reply to this one too so future users can easily find the answer.

We do not currently offer a version of SketchUp for Schools that runs on an iPad. We do offer a paid app, but that is aimed at our professional market so it has a professional price associated with it. Additionally it handles data processing differently so it may need to be reviewed by your IT team and legal team to make sure it meets any requirements outlined by your school.

I can officially say that we get this request a lot and while we can not comment on future plans for our products I can say that you are not the first to ask this question.