Homeschooling in Canada- can we access Sketchup for schools?

Hello folks, I am a homeschool parent. My grade 7 student is interested in architecture and I am planning a unit study using sketchup. We are hoping to use the “schools” version to have access to scale drawings for printing etc. As a homeschool family, our school email account is a basic, not educator account. Is there any way for homeschooling families to access the “school” option?

Thanks so much

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Thanks for the post @dandelion! I am not actually sure about what our homeschool policy is. I’ll have to ask around and will get back to you as soon as I have an answer.

If you absolutely need to get started as soon as possible, you are welcome to use the free version as a stopgap. It does lack some features that the school version has, but it will get you up and running right faster.

If we can’t get you access to SketchUp for Schools, I’ll try and find an alternative solution that will get you access to what you need for your unit study. It most likely won’t be as elegant as a proper solution but I am dedicated to making sure that everyone gets access to what they need for their students.

Hi again @dandelion. I just had a chance to talk to Tori, and they said that we do indeed allow for homeschoolers to use SketchUp for Schools. However, you need to deploy the app the same way that a school district would. That means that you need a special sort of account that can access things in a very particular way. If you happen to have an organizational email address we can help get you set up with a little bit of work on our end but it may just be easier for you to grab an education license for the Pro version. If all you need is a single license and don’t need it for more than a year, you can get it for $55.

I am happy to do the work to help you get it set up and am not trying to sell you something you don’t want, but if you don’t already have the organizational email set up, it may end up being more effort than it is worth on your end and most homeschool teachers I know value their time quite a bit.

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Hello - sorry to add on to this post but it seems like this will be more efficient for everyone than re-asking the exact same question! We homeschool our 3 children in NY, USA and want to introduce SketchUp. Can I get more information on what “deploy the app the same way that a school district would” means? Thanks!