Studying from home? SketchUp for Schools is here to help

Hello, SketchUp education community,

In light of the current COVID-19 situation and the closing of primary and secondary schools in many parts of the world, we want to inform you of ways you and your students can access SketchUp from home.

Our browser product for primary and secondary schools, SketchUp for Schools, will be available to everyone through June 30th without the previous requirement of your school subscribing to Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Education platforms. You and your students can use a personal or school email to sign in, but it still requires your email to be a Google or Microsoft account.

Simply go to and get started.

Keep informed by visiting our website, our SketchUp for Schools forum, and our social media pages.

Be well,

The SketchUp Education Team


It would be nice to have a 2019 version license, to.
Many educational organizations do not update during a schoolyear, but switch after summer holidays.
The need to practice in the version they use now, in order to pass the exams.

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Some summer holidays only recently ended.


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Hey Tori

Could you please clarify what will change after the period of free availability for everyone? What does the previous requirement of subscribing to Google Apps for education or Microsoft Education entail and what’s the difference with the current situation? For student as well as teacher?



Hi Matthias,

Under normal circumstances SketchUp for Schools is available for free to K-12 students and educators through Google and Microsoft for Education. This means that any school/district using Google or Microsoft Education accounts can log in with those email addresses once their school administrator has allowed the app on their domain. This is true for both students and teachers, as long as your domain permissions have been allowed.
The temporary open access has removed the restriction requiring an education account, meaning that anyone has been able to access the app with a person Gmail or Microsoft address, rather than through an educational domain. This was done to help students and educators transition to learning from home, and to give new users and district admins time to allow the app on their educational domain without experiencing an interruption.

After September 30th we will be reinstating the requirement for educational accounts, and so we are asking everyone who has not transitioned to using their school accounts to please do so this month. The product itself and they way that you’ve been using it won’t change, you will just need to log in with an educational account.

I hope this helps!


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Hi Tori

Thanks for your reply. I was wondering if Sketchup also has a Belgian contact point that I can contact with further questions?

thanks in advance

Hi Matthias,

We do have resale partners in Belgium that can assist you more localized information. To find those closest to your area check out our resellers page here:

Dea Tori,

I’m Matthias Stroobants of the educational team of Brightlab (, an organization which is governmentally funded to provide educational solutions to teachers and students.

One of our activities is giving workshops to teachers. We would like to organize a workshop around 3D drawing in Sketchup for Schools ( for which it is clear that there is a very interested public of teachers who would like to learn more about this product. Since we are not acknowledged as a school organization, we can’t get access to the educational account. During the Covid lockdown period, this access was free and I took the time to get to know the application. Therefore I was wondering if it could be feasible to give Brightlab (or me as a representative of the organization) access to the SketchUp for Schools application, with which we then can give demonstrations to third parties in our workshops?

Many thanks for your feedback,

thank you very much for the recommendations, it’s very helpful for me!