Studying from home? SketchUp for Schools is here to help

Hello, SketchUp education community,

In light of the current COVID-19 situation and the closing of primary and secondary schools in many parts of the world, we want to inform you of ways you and your students can access SketchUp from home.

Our browser product for primary and secondary schools, SketchUp for Schools, will be available to everyone through June 30th without the previous requirement of your school subscribing to Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Education platforms. You and your students can use a personal or school email to sign in, but it still requires your email to be a Google or Microsoft account.

Simply go to and get started.

Keep informed by visiting our website, our SketchUp for Schools forum, and our social media pages.

Be well,

The SketchUp Education Team


It would be nice to have a 2019 version license, to.
Many educational organizations do not update during a schoolyear, but switch after summer holidays.
The need to practice in the version they use now, in order to pass the exams.

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Some summer holidays only recently ended.


I didn’t think of the other half of the globe, I am a bit narrowminded, lately.
My world is becoming smaller each day…

You can be forgiven for that, but you must pay the penance of sending me one toilet roll.

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Your hemisphere keeps confusing me at a instinctive level, even if it makes sense at a pure logical level.


That will cost you half a roll, you could argue that you gave me the bottom half and I doubt I’d have anywhere to go with that.

you are kept in the dark a lot of the time…


Are your toilet rolls gaining clockwise or counter clockwise?

Lets put it this way, my toilet rolls will do exactly what you expect them to do in much the same way as an Englishman will believe Kenneth Branagh knows what he is looking for when he drives endlessly through the Swedish countryside looking pensive.

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