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We are a K-12 Private School. We want to use Sketchup. We have downloaded from the Market Place and enabled for all users, but when we put in our email address, we get the following message:

SketchUp for Schools is only available for students and teachers in primary and secondary education programs.
Please ensure you are using a G Suite for Education account and your account administrator has enabled SketchUp for Schools for your domain. Learn more.

Tammy Babcock

Tammy, you should try contacting Customer Service for this. They can put you in touch with the right folks for the SketchUp for Schools product…

You might also want to edit your first post to remove your e-mail address since this is a public forum.

Thanks, Dave. I will do that and also remove email address, wasn’t awake
this morning.

Have a good day!

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Ummm, you’ve added even more personal information with your email signature.

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