Setting Up an EDU Account

I am trying to set up an edu account through my school for teachers and students to use. We are a G Suite school but when I go to sign in with Google it says it is only available for students and teachers in a primary or secondary school. What can i do to resolve this? Thanks!

@mheeringa In order to access the SketchUp for Schools app your district’s G Suite for Education Administrator will first need to deploy the app to your school’s domain (you can also specify other user groups such as teachers, clubs or departments). SketchUp for Schools is only available to primary and secondary schools so if you are associated with a higher ed institution you will not be able to access the app.

The following instructions from Google should walk you through the steps to deploy SketchUp for Schools through your G Suite account:

Please let me know if this helps!

Hi @Steve_Ketchup I’ve deployed Sketchup for schools in our k12 Gsuite for ed domain ( from the marketplace apps controls and also turned it on in chrome management for our users. Weirdly I am able to log in on my personal mac, but when I try to do so using the same credentials (my google credentials) on one of our managed chromebooks, I get the error: sketchup for schools is only available for students and teachers in primary and secondary education programs.

I had another teacher test on her personal machine using her credentials and she ran into the same error.

Can you or a colleague help me figure out how to get this working properly?

@Steve_Ketchup – I think I resolved this for now by enabling google classroom for the OUs that need to use sketchup.

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