Sketchup for School with Google Apps issue


I’m a Google Apps administrator for my school Google Apps EDU. I recently installed Sketchup for school through Google Apps Market place. I’m unable to get it working for my users and don’t know where to reach out for help.
I installed the App and enabled for my domain, it shown up for my users under Google Apps toolbar just like any other Apps we installed.
However, when my users try to open the Apps Sketchup will prompt to login and present with a screen for Google account (This not suppose to happen I think with Google Apps integration). My user would selected the Google Apps (.edu) and get the following error below:

SketchUp for Schools is only available for students and teachers in primary and secondary education programs.
Please ensure that:

  1. You are using a G Suite for Education account.
  2. Your account administrator has enabled SketchUp for Schools on your domain.

Hi @dphan, what is your school’s email domain?

Hi @joy

My school domain is


Your domain has been added to our whitelist. See if you can access now.

Hi Joy, we can access it now. Thanks so much!

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