SketchUp For Schools Login Issue - ISD47

Using Google Workspace, we’ve added “SketchUp for Schools” to our dashboard for all OUs in our domain.

When our students and staff open Chrome on their MacBook Airs and click on the Google app widget icon in the browser then scroll down to the app “SketchUp for Schools”, it prompts them to click either Microsoft or Google.

We click to use Google. Then we are stuck in a login loop screen that says “Are you in the right place.” The URL ( You click Google then Chrome prompts in the top right to click your account to sign in with SketchUp with Google. Then it loads back to the “Are you in the right place” page where we are prompted to login by clicking Microsoft or Google. This repeats.

What do we need to do? I am one of our Google Workspace admins. We use Google Workspace Fundamentals and Plus for students and staff. Our domain ends with “.org”

We are experiencing the same issue. Please share if you have a resolution.

Much appreciated!

Nothing yet, but I’ll share what I can.

I put in a support ticket on Friday 9/8, but the reply on Monday told me to post on the “SketchUp for Schools” forum in the Community.

Which why this is here. It’s only been on the Community page for a day, so we’ll see where it goes from here.

While reading other posts/articles, they mentioned things like SketchUp needing to add our Domain to a whitelist, or needing to contact SketchUp if you are a school that doesn’t have a “.edu” domain.

After watching their Google integration video - I’ve added the product to our Trusted app list in Google Workspace, and it’s been scoped for all users in our Domain. I’m at a complete loss until support provides guidance. If I don’t hear back, I’ll try integrating with Microsoft. If everything fails, we move on to a different product.

Received an email survey from the company asking to rate our current support case… (what support?)

Response to the survey:
“We are very disappointed in this product’s support team. We’ve put in a support ticket for SketchUp for Schools just to be directed to post on the community forum. So we posted there as well, with no support from your team. Our post - “SketchUp For Schools Login Issue - ISD47”. We work with several dozen online companies and this is by far the slowest (to no) support we’ve ever received, and we’re not alone. Other schools have contacted us with similar experiences with this product.”

Update - SketchUp support did resolve our issue by adding our domain to the Edu SafeList. Our staff tested it out with their students. Everything appears to be functioning as it should in my teachers’ eyes.

Thank you,

Support Response:

"Thanks for reaching out to SketchUp Support! This message is in response to your request regarding this error.

I just added your domain to the edu safelist, please try to access SketchUp again. If it does not work please make a post on the SketchUp for Schools forum located here: and include the link to your post in your reply to this email. "

I’m experiencing the same issue - how do I contact to get my domain added to the safe list? I was hoping to start using this on Tuesday October 17.


You’ll want to start a new “post on the SketchUp for Schools forum located here:

It may take 5-10 days for your domain to be added to their Edu SafeList. It may not be a bad idea to open support ticket as well (even if it directs you to create a post on the forum). I did both for good measure.

Hey I did post to here: School whitelist Requests - #344 by downunderman