Student Login Issues/Domain Needs Added/Google Setup Instructions?

Our school was using a State(Ohio) licensed SketchUp program on the PC, but that has went away for 2022 school year so I found the SketchUp for Education and have added the App to our Domain, but like many on this Forum I am having issues with so students logging in. I am the Google Admin and have added SketchUp to our domain ( website Here are some of the issues we are seeing:

  • As an Admin I can see the SketchUp App Icon in my App list on my Windows PC and can access the program fine, the Students cannot. They do not see the icon in the App selection.
  • Our instructor can see the App on her PC but only if she accesses the App list from Gmail! Some of the students can see it as well if in email but when trying to log in using Google credentials
  • Using Chromebooks, some students can access SketchUp via Google Apps and login via Google, some cannot and they are all in the same Org Unit.
  • Windows shows this message(partial)
    “It looks like you’re having trouble signing in. Make sure you’ve enabled pop-up windows for SketchUp, then complete sign in using the pop-up window that appears.”
    Obviously I have something(s) wrong. Is there a definitive list of install instructions or someone who can give me some advices please. I have checked similar postings but most seem to have their Org whitelisted and no other advise. Help please our teacher is ready to start using SketchUp!

Sorry for the delay in my reply.

Thanks for listing your domain and website in your post. I was able to verify everything I needed right away and found all the info I needed right away. I was able to get your domain added to the database right away and you should be all set to go. If you get any more error messages, let me know right away and I’ll look into it as soon as I can.