Can't log in with one teacher and one student


I and one (!) of my students can’t log into Sketchup. For everyone else on my school it works fine, but not for us? We only get back to “Are you in the right place?”-box all the time. Please help me!

Apparently it says "Sign in error and something about pop up windows. However, pop ups are allowed in the settings panel.

@linnea.utterstrom I apologize for the delayed response. Are you still encountering this error? If so, can you please answer the following questions about your login process so we can look into this for you.

What email domain are you logging in with?
What browser and version are you using?
Do you have administrative privileges for your district?
Does you district have Google Classroom enabled?
Does your admin have the same email domain as your users?

I have this issue too.

Firefox 56.0 on MacOS

I am logged into my school issued Google account, i.e. where I get all my school related gmail.
I have noticed that my school’s administrator’s email address is a different domain as mine and most students:
A) (name) vs.
B) (name)

I’m not the school’s system administrator and so not familiar with what’s involved, but does he have to register these domain names or something in order to be recognized?

@RTCool In order to access the SketchUp for Schools app, each district’s G Suite for Education Administrator will first need to deploy the app to your school’s domain (you can also specify other user groups such as teachers, clubs or departments). The following instructions from Google will walk your district admin through the steps to deploy SketchUp for Schools:

You will also need to ensure that Google Classroom is also enabled for your district as this is a requirement to launch SketchUp for Schools.

Once your district admin has deployed the app you should be able to launch it from as long as you are logged in to Google with your school email address.

Right, the school admin deployed the app, I launched it while logged in to Google with my school email address but was getting this dialog:04 AM:

I tried multiple times to answer this login without success. After spending time here researching, I went back to that tab in Firefox and hit the X (go-away) button for the dialog box, and suddenly it WAS working as expected. Strange.

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