SketchUp for Schools Temporary Login Issues (FIX 28.04.2021)

Hello SketchUp for Schools users!
It was brought to our attention that many of you were having access issues when you tried to log in this morning, and we’re sorry for the unexpected interruption. We’ve found the bug that was causing the issue and you should all see a full return to your normal workflows. If not, please let us know on this thread.

Thank you to the community for reaching out to us so quickly and helping us get this fixed!


Thanks !

Thank you so much!

Thanks! We were going crazy trying to figure out where the problem came from.

All working here now

Thank you.

Can you please whitelist Thank you

Sorry can this keep happening? We have activated the app to the domain 48 hours ago and we cannot login with google.
Make a loop when you want to log in with gsuite.

We’ve approved Sketchup for schools on Azure AD. But still getting the following screen.

Hello! Up until today, I was getting the “Are you in the right place?” error msg. for my SketchUp for Schools account. Today, it’s working for me and another staff member I tested it with, but I tested a student account and they’re getting the error msg. - I’m thinking that the student domain needs to be whitelisted. Please whitelist “” , which is our student domain and please check our staff domain “” - Thanks so much!


For our domain (google workspace) the problem continues to exist.



Thank you very much!

Our students are still not able to login when off-site for the past 3 weeks. Prior to this our students had no issues using the web version for offsite learning. I’ve verified staff does not experience this issue. I don’t know if something changed, but the only difference is our students use a sub-domain of the staff ( where staff uses Both domains are listed in our Google Admin Console and show them setup properly (which if it wasn’t, staff wouldn’t be able to use).

Edit: It appears to be working for us now. I am not 100% sure what fixed it.

We are also having login issues in our domains. At first a smaller box pops up saying:

“Sorry, it looks like we’re having some internal issues.
Our team has been notified.”

It then allows me to attempt sign in with my Google account, which then returns the error:

“It looks like you’re having trouble signing in. Make sure you’ve enabled pop-up windows for SketchUp, then complete sign in using the pop-up window that appears.”

please whitelist:

Also, I’m not sure where to allow pop-ups using the GSuite control panel. Suggestions?

please whitelist, thank you!

After installing SketchUpForSchools via my GSuite Admin panel, I am unable to login. I am attempting to login with my google credentials.

Please white list:

We are unable to login using Google credentials with the message to login with an EDU account. UK schools use domains. Can you please add these to the allowed domain list? For the school in question it is

@OnyAdmin & @scurtis2.313

I have added your G Suite domains to our registry. Please try logging into SketchUp for Schools again.