SketchUp for Schools Login Issues - Official Thread

Update: 11:15 a.m. MST

It appears that SketchUp for Schools is now accessible to all users effected by this outage. As there have been no recent changes made to SketchUp for Schools, we believe that a problem with Google’s API resulted in the login issue users have experienced this morning.

If you were effected by this outage, please try logging in again and report back if you run into additional issues.

Hello SketchUp for Schools users,

As of early this morning (12/10/19) SketchUp for Schools is experiencing access issues for schools with a variety of login domains (.org, .net, .ca and others)

We are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix to return access to all effected users as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience as we find a solution and will keep this thread updated throughout the day as we learn more about what is causing these access issues.

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Can this post be pinned, at least until the issue has been resolved? Pinning it at the top of the forum might reduce the flood of new topics on this issue.


Some users have already reported it’s fixed.

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Thank you.

Thanks for the heads up!

What do we do if our staff / students still cannot log in?

@kbaxter Were you previously able to access SketchUp for Schools or are you a new user?

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We were previously able to access Sketchup, issue was reported to me yesterday that teachers/students couldn’t get in.

Do we need to whitelisted or otherwise activated again? Still not able to login district wide. My domain is

Our board is also still not able to login to Sketchup For Schools up until 2 days ago. Still not resolved.

@kbaxter I’ve added to our domain whitelist. Please let me know if your login issues persist.

@krice If you are still unable to access SketchUp for Schools can you please provide me with your school’s email domain?

Please allow us to whitelist our educational domains to access the app?

My students aren’t able to login to sketchup now, but I can. &

Thanks Steve. Took a little longer today but same error. Here is our domain



@paulo.costa, @armstrong, @krice

Your domains have all been added to the whitelist. Happy Sketching!

Hi again Steve, we also have Sketchup 2018 Pro (Windows client) deployed which is supposed to be licensed until 2020 which stopped working a month or so ago. We were told that Trimble changed the activation process whereby we now needed to provide our external subnets to allow activations again. We provided this information quite a while ago but we still cannot activate these clients in our schools. Teachers are pissed as their instruction has come to a halt and they are looking at alternatives. Please let me know what is going on with this. The license is part of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

We have recently partnered with a new administrator for the grant program in Ontario as the Ministry of Education is no longer assuming responsibility for the program. ECNO has taken over administration of the grant program in Ontario and will be able to assist with you. Please contact to request additional SketchUp Pro 2019 grant licenses for your classroom.

Hi, can you please whitelist our domain, too?


Can you please whitelist our domain?