Whitelist Our Domain Please

Please help. Our staff and students are unable to use Sketchup due to an error when they attempt to login. I filled out the survey and attached a screenshot in addition to this message. Please whitelist our domain, as it does not end in .EDU. Sketchup For Schools has been deployed since last year and our users have not had this issue until now.

Our domain is: mybvls.org
We are a K-12 School District
My contact info is bsteed @mybvls.org


I was not able to post with my email address in the first message because it said “new users can only post two links in one post”… it saw my email address as a link.

Gonna bump this one, having a similar issue. Our school has been using this for over a year and it was working fine on Monday but now it won’t let me access Sketchup for Schools. Did something change? We were whitelisted. @tcadocs.com

Can we get help? I have students who can’t get in. Thank you in advance.

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Since Trimble put the Sept 30 deadline for having a subscription to G-Suite, many schools can no longer use SketchUp for Schools because the system seems to be filtering out any G-Suite users that don’t have a .edu designation. Our district is having this same problem because our @fgsd.k12.or.us is not whitelisted to use SketchUp due to this oversight. Please help.

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@jgrimes @csegina @bsteed

I have added your domains to our whitelist. Please let me know if this resolves your login issues!

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Thank you! I will test it with the kids on Monday and get back to you if it is not working.

Please whitelist our domain.
Thank you

Please whitelist our domain.
I’ve put this out in a few places in hopes of making it a reality. I need to get Sketchup working for my students soon. I would really like to know if and when this happens.
Thank you,

Gary Stalions
Pioneer Woodshop

@gstalions Sorry for the delay, we have added your domain to our registry. In the future please refrain from posting the same topic in multiple forum threads as it makes it difficult to follow up.

Please whitelist our domain.

We are using G Suite for Education
Thank you

I have added your domain to our registry. Please let me know if you still have trouble logging in.

Thank you Steve, its working fine. I think it only has limited features.

can you whitelist our domain as well?


Please whitelist: onysd.wednet.edu

Please whitelist eaglepassisd.net. Thank you.

Please white list our domains
@cmsh.cyc.edu.tw for teachers
@my.cmsh.edu.tw for students

Thank you

It worked for a couple of weeks since our whitelist request in April and thank you so much. But it doesn’t work again. Please help us. Starting from this week, the students in Taiwan are asked to stay home because serious corvid-19 pandemic. We are trying to introduce Sketch up to our students on line, so they can do it at home. Thank you in advance.

Could you please whitelist the domain for our school?
It is @ch-pb.com
Many thanks

Please whitelist our domain @easternyork.net for Sketchup for Schools. We are receiving the error message about “are you in the right place?”
Thank you

Please whitelist our domain @easternyork.net for Sketchup for Schools.
Thank you