Domain Registration Requests

Domain Registration

As a K-12 specific web tool, the login process for SketchUp for Schools requires verification that your school domain belongs to a K-12 (primary or secondary) G-Suite or Microsoft 365 educational account.

In certain situations it may be necessary to register your domain with the SketchUp Team in order to access SketchUp for Schools (previously referred to as whitelisting).

If one of the following circumstances applies to you please add your domain to the bottom of this thread and we will add you to our registry.

.edu email domain

One method of verifying that an account belongs to K-12 school is checking whether your domain ends in .edu. Today, these domains are reserved for colleges and universities however there are many K-12 schools who acquired their .edu domain before these rules went into effect. If your school uses a .edu domain it will be flagged as belonging to a higher education (post secondary) account.

Google Classroom is disabled

Another method used to verify if a domain belongs to a K-12 account is the presence of Google Classroom. If your G Suite administrator has deactivated Google Classroom for any reason, you will need to have your domain added to our registry so we can validate your account as K-12.

Please note that once your domain has been registered, your G Suite or Microsoft 365 for Education Administrator will still need to accept the app permissions and deploy the app to your school’s domain through your platform’s standard admin process

Can you whitelist our domains?
Teachers –
Students -
Thank you

Please add our school


We are faced with the same exact issue here at our domain of:

PLEASE WHITELIST. I have submitted now three requests through the forum for assistance. I have followed all steps to re-accept terms and reinstall for the domain without any luck.

Hello, we are dealing with the same issue, and are a K12 that uses G Suite Enterprise for Education for our faculty. Can you please whitelist as soon as possible?

Screenshot, even after following updated instructions and a removal and reinstallation:

please add and to the whitelist – PLEASE confirm when this is complete

We need to have more confidence in the web-based version access… especially as our schools like most are returning to a blended hybrid schedule where some will be at school in the PC lab, others on chromebooks, etc. And also, like most, our IT department is outsourced for a 30,000 student public school system and getting their attention, response, etc can take weeks.

Perhaps by default, Sketchup should whitelist every school that’s already listed in the statewide department of education databases.

Alex White, AIA
Instructor of Architecture
Arsenal Tech High School, Indianapolis Public Schools

I can’t tell if you received this but please whitelist our 2 GAFE domain for Katy ISD teachers students

Susan Richards

Even after uninstalling and reinstalling using the above prescribed steps we are still having issues with our teachers and students not being able to access the app. We are receiving the same “Are you in the right place?” as the other folks here.

@ Steve_Ketchup
We are also receiving the “Are you in the right place?” error. All users are being affected. We have granted permissions but are still receiving the error.
Can you please whitelist our domain

We have a school who is using SketchUp for Schools G Suite and has been through the whole gambit of support trying to get their classroom working again since the changes to Chrome. They have indicated that their domain has been mistakenly identified as NOT being an education domain. How do they get their domain whitelisted? The links they were sent to contact for this was INFOhio and we ONLY provide license information through the grant to public schools for SketchUp Pro.

We need to have our education Domain US.Edu Safe-Listed for our Google Sketchup login authentication. Currently we have 10 classes daily using Sketchup for schools for course work that have not been able to do anything since Friday due to what I’m being told is changes to google authentication. We have followed all steps sent by Sketchup to resolve the issue and this is our last option to try and get things working. Please safe list our Domain ASAP so that our classes can resume normally. Please let us know if you need anything further or when it has been done.

Hi, It looks like I’m in the same boat as a lot of others on this thread. Can someone at Sketchup please make sure that is whitelisted?

We have Sketchup for Schools as a Domain Install and have Granted it Access.


We just get stuck in a loop where it asks for an account to choose-when we click on ‘’, it just sends us back to the ‘are you in the right page’ dialog box.

Login is working now. Thank you!

Hello All,

We believe we have identified the login issue that was preventing G-Suite users from accessing SketchUp for Schools and have recently published a fix. If you’re a returning user and your G-Suite admin has reaccepted permissions for the app you should now be able to login to SketchUp for Schools.

Can you whitelist the Hoosac School at ?
We are mid project and students cant get on.

Can you whitelist

Can you please add/whitelist

Our G-Suite admin is unfamiliar with Sketchup. Are there instructions somewhere that we can supply them with?

Have we been added?