Please Whitelist Domain


We are getting a sign-in error when we try to log into SketchUp for Schools:
It looks like you’re having trouble signing in. Make sure you’ve enabled pop-up windows for SketchUp, then complete sign in using the pop-up window that appears.

Please note: SketchUp for Schools is once again available for educational use only. Don’t worry, any projects that you may have created through your personal Gmail or Microsoft account can still be downloaded from your Google Drive or One Drive. To continue sketching, please log in with an EDU domain account.

In order to access, ensure that:

  1. You are using a G Suite for Education account.
  2. Your G Suite administrator has installed SketchUp for Schools on your domain and granted permissions.

For any questions, please reach out to us on the SketchUp for Schools Forum.

Sign in with Google

We have enabled everything on our end. Please whitelist

Thank you so much,

Hi @mcaratachea, thanks for the post. I can not quite verify everything I need from your post. Can you link me to a school website or a district website? I can usually find what I need there and then I can get you added to our database.

My school (Northeast Jones Middle/High school) is getting the same message. Our domain is and does not end with .edu, so I’m sure that’s the problem. Can we be whitelisted, please?

Here is our school website: Home - Northeast Jones High School

Good morning. Here is a link to our district website:


Thanks @mcaratachea, I was able to get everything I needed off your website and have added you to the database. You should be all set to deploy the app and start using SketchUp for Schools. Just make sure you deploy the app correctly as improper deployment can cause a number of issues later on.

I was also able to find everything I needed on your website @lmbolivar and have added you too. Just make sure that you also deploy the app properly. As previously mentioned, improper deployment can cause a number of issues later on.

@CaseyG Thanks!

You are most welcome @lmbolivar. Hopefully your app deployment goes smoothly and you are up and running soon. As always, please feel free to start a thread if you need additional support or if you feel like sharing what your students end up doing with SketchUp. We always love to see what our users create.

Thank you so much!

Could you please whitelist the domain

Our website is


Thanks for the post @Yaacob and for posting a link to your website. I was able to find exactly what I needed right away. I’ll get you added to the database right now. You should be all set to deploy the app by the time this post is live. Just make sure that you follow the directions as you deploy the app as improper deployment can cause issues later on.

Thanks so much Casey. I can launch the app now.


same error…please whitelist our domain:


I am the technology teacher at our school, I have already spoken with our admin and he has enabled everything on our side. However, we cannot access the web version due to this error. You can find our website here:
and this is also the domain that we are using for the GSuite * (we do not have the .edu domain accounts)

I would be grateful if you could whitelist us so that we could start working with your software.

Best regards,

I neglected to include our student sub domain:

hi can you please whitelist for falkirk council within glow for education Scotland

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in getting all this done. I had a family member in the hospital. Thankfully, I am back on the case now and will get you all added to the database right now.

Thanks for posting the link to your website @SDMCtech, that made it fast and easy to find what I needed to get you added and you are all set to deploy the app.

As for you @sgrant, I can’t seem to access the website you linked in your post. Can you link me an alternate URL for your website so I can verify a few things before I add you to the database?

Not sure where the @sgrant is or came from. Not related to our district. May have gotten something copied in that shouldn’t have been.

I had already deplyed the app as indicated in the intstructions prior to our domain being added to the allow list. I presume that will not cause an issue or would it need to be re-deployed for some reason.

Thanks for getting back to me on getting our domain added to the database.