Students logging in with EDU version on the web

Hello, I have SketchUp enabled in our domain and when student goes and try to use it they get prompted with “Sign in with Google” and then they accept the permissions and then they get looped back to the sign in again. They never get in the program. Any ideas on why this is happening? Do we need our domain whitelisted on your end to be able to login?

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Just checking if I could get some assistance with the please @Steve_Ketchup
Thank you

Hi @warren83, thanks for the post. I am happy to verify if you are already in the database and add you if you are not.

All I need from you in order to add you is the domain you want to add and a link to a website from your school. I can almost always find everything I need with just those two pieces of information and get you added right away.

If you are already in the database, I am happy to check things for typos and ping the servers to make sure everything is in order too. Just let me know what domain to check and I’ll get right on it.

Hello @CaseyG
Thank you for the reply back. Our domain is and our webpage is

Thank you

Hello @CaseyG
Just checking if you were able to whitelist our domain.

Hi @warren83, I can confirm that you are all set as of a few minutes ago. Just make sure to go through all the deployment steps carefully as an improper deployment can cause issues when students try and log in that may not be apparent at first. If you do run into issues, please let me know so we can start looking into a fix for whatever issues you might be seeing.

I hope your students have a lot of fun learning SketchUp!

Hi @CaseyG
Thank you we are now in! We are now having an issue when we click “Curriculum” on the left panel. When we click that we get a frowny face symbol in the right side of the program and nothing shows.

I just ran a quick test and saw the same issue you reported in your post. I’ll see what I can do to figure out what the issue is and how to fix it. While it is not ideal, you should still be able to access the videos from this page: SketchUp for Schools 2021 - Curriculum - In App | SketchUp

I’ll message the rest of the team and see if there are any other quick fixes I can get for you while I look into the error.

Update 1/5/2023 9:54 MST
The problem has been identified on our end and we are working on a fix. It may take some time though so please bear with us as we work on it.

Update 1/6/2023 9:30 MST
We are aware the issue is still ongoing and are still working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as I have an update I’ll update the post again.

Update 1/10/2023 9:00 MST
Fix has been deployed. Please let me know if you are still seeing the issue with the curriculum.

Hi, My name is Patrick. My students started having a similar problem in mid December 2022. We had not had this trouble before, but at that time we found about 8 of my 16 students we not able to open SketchUp to submit their final projects in our class. I just started with a new group yesterday and had them try to log in and most of the 16 students could not log in. Is this something you can help me with? Thank you.

Hello, my name is María José and I have the same problem, I can run the program but my students can’t.
We are all using the same domain (

Thank you.


Hi @pferrante, Hi @mjblecua, thanks for the posts and thanks for including all the information I need in your posts. That saves me a lot of time.

I have added you both to the database so you are all set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. Just make sure you follow all the steps outlined as you deploy the app to avoid any issues later on as improper deployment can cause issues identical to what you are seeing now.

Thank you. If we had already deployed the app a few years ago, should we deploy it again, or should the fix be automatic?

Hi @pferrante and sorry I missed your question. the fix should be automatic so if you are still seeing issues we may need to troubleshoot a bit to find the issue. Are you up and running or are you still seeing an issue?

Hi @CaseyG not sure but i’m unable to access edu form m365 tenant. Maybe our domain needs to be whitelisted ?
Thanx a lot.

Hello @CaseyG ,

I’m Nestor and my school has the same problem as described above.
Our school is Jesuites Educacio and the website is

I would appreciate if you can add us to the whitelist because we get into a loop once we log in with Google/Microsoft.

Thanks you

Hello Casey. I can’t figure this out. There is no consistent access. Some students are able to open SketchUp for Schools one day, but the next day the SketchUp logo spins and never opens. We try removing all cookies, restarting Chromebooks, updating to the latest version of Chrome (currently 102.0.5005.75). The student Chromebooks are 32-bit Dells or HPs and have been able to access SketchUp in the past. Occasionally we had a student or two that had trouble, but it usually resolved itself. For the students that do gain access, it is slow to load, but does after about one minute. Our IT department said they accessed the app information on their end and checked a few additional boxes for SketchUp, but nothing seemed to change. Yesterday, I had about 6 students of 15 who never gained access. Any ideas?

Hi everyone. I’ll do my best to resolve everything in one post.

First up, @Referent, I’ll get you added right now. Thanks for linking your website in your post, that made finding all the information a lot easier for me and saved me some time.

As for you @nestor.maldonado, I am happy to add you to the database too, but I was not sure what your domain is. If it is the same as your website I can add it no problem without any additional information as I already found everything I need on the website you linked so thanks for linking it.

Finally as for you @pferrante I honestly am not sure what might be causing it. I’ll ask a few people and see what I can turn up. Our usual first step is to clear the cache and cookies on the computer that has the issue to see if that helps at all. Of course it isn’t always the first step but if you want to try that while I look into things it may get you up and running sooner.

Thanks Casey. Yes it’s the same domain as our website.


El El mié, 25 ene 2023 a las 19:38, Casey Grothus via SketchUp Forum <> escribió:

Thanks for the verification @nestor.maldonado. I’ll get you added to the database now. You should be all set to deploy the app by the time this post is live. Just make sure not to skip any steps as that can cause issues later on that might not appear at first.

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@CaseyG I am new to here and getting our organization to access this. I can log in with my admin account to our 365 education account but my regular users are not able to gain access to it. It says that the admin needs to allow access but I have given consent. Any help?