Sketchup for Schools Caught in Authentication Loop

Hi, can anyone help. We have recently deployed Sketchup for Edu onto our GSuite for Edu domain but the authentication keeps on looping. When we open the app, it ask us to log in with our google credentials but then keeps coming back with “Are you in the right place, please ensure that you are 1. using a Gsuite for Education account 2. Your account administrator has enabled Sketchup on your domain”

We think both of these conditions are met but can’t authenticate. Any ideas?

Hi @ljenkins, send me your school’s domain and I’ll add you to the whitelist.

Thanks Joy, our G Suite domain is

@ljenkins your domain has been added

Hi Joy - I am having trouble getting this to work for my school as well. Can you help me fix this?


@resh If you provide your school’s domain, we can put you on the whitelist

Thank you – when can I test this?

@resh, thanks, your domain is added. Try logging in again and see if it works.

Thank you – it works!

Just ran into this topic. We are experiencing this issue as well. Could we add to the whitelist?

@Jensenj you’ve been added!

Hello, It seems I need to have my school domain whitelisted too. They would be and

Thanks for your help with this.


@kuhnsb all set.

Thank you, Joy.


Thank you! Solved all our problems

Could you also add to your whitelist as well? Thanks

HI, I was able to login using the “Login with Google” account option back on the 10th of September but now it has stopped working again. I am using the same Chromebook and student account for testing that I used before. I cleared the cache and cookies but cannot try another browser since we are using Chromebooks. I checked and our district is still whitelisted. Can you please advise. District is:


Will you add We are caught in the Google authentication loop right now. Thanks.

@rberardi I reset your domain on our whitelist.