Login Problems : “Are you in the right place” Loop

Dear Administrator,

I have issues logging in to SketchUp for Schools on my domain (@sst.edu.sg). My G Suite administrator has installed SketchUp for Schools on my domain and granted permissions. My colleague was able to log in, but I cannot. I am constantly stuck in the loop of “Are you in the right place?” and clicking sign in with Google goes through the login process and returns to the same page… My email address is Aurelius_Yeo@sst.edu.sg

Please help. Thank you so much.

Hi @TeacherX thanks for the post. I am happy to look into your issue but if you are having the issue I think you are having I’ll need to speak with the super admin of your domain to resolve it. Can you get a hold of them and have them either @ me in this thread or send me a private message via these forums? Once I am in touch with them we can get started on some troubleshooting to confirm the issue and get a fix figured out for you!

Case #: 10670087

Please check if our domain is linked to your product. Please let me know if I need to connect you with our super admin.

Thank you.

Hi @hapanamckee thanks for the post. I am happy to look into this on your behalf, but I currently lack access to that ticket so unless I can get a hold of the person handling that case, I won’t know any info you filled in with that ticket. If you are willing to share your domain with me via either a post in this thread or a private message I can assist you sooner by running a manual search in our domain database with whatever you provide and can get started on adding you if you are not already in the database.

Additionally, you should make sure your super admin deployed the app correctly as an improper deployment is the second most common issue we see with SketchUp for Schools and it is very easy to miss a critical step if you are rushed.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.

How do we private message you?

Hi we are experiencing the same issue

domain: templewood.herts.sch.uk
website: www.templewood.herts.sch.uk

Can this be looked at ASAP please?

Many thanks

Hi everyone, thanks for the posts. I’ll do my best to address everyone in a single post so just look for your username for the part that is relevant to you.

First up I’ll address you @hapanamckee. You should just be able to click on my username to open a small window that has a button that will allow you to send me a private message. All I need from you is a domain and confirmation you are a k-12 school or district to get you added to our database if you are not already in there or to authenticate that you were added successfully.

As for you @intermit, I was able to verify that you are a k-12 school from your website and you already provided your domain so I’ll get you added right now. By the time this post is live you will be all set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. Just take care not to skip any steps as you deploy the app as that can cause issues later on.

Hi Casey,

Our enterprise domain is @k12.hi.us. We are a K-12 institution.

Thank you,

Hi @hapanamckee. I already have that domain in our database. If you are getting the error message asking if you are in the right place, my guess would be that a permission got messed up somewhere or that someone uninstalled the app from your domain. Can you check in with your super admin and see if they made any changes recently that may have had an effect on the app?

Hi Casey,

The problem persists. No changes have been made for the app by our super admin. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app - said yes to the prompts for install, read through the terms and accepted. Please advise on possible next steps.

Thank you

Thanks for letting me know @hapanamckee. I can confirm that nothing in our database has been changed involving your domain so it is definitely not the firewall causing the issue. I also pinged all the servers associated with SketchUp fro Schools so I can confirm that is all working too. That is all I can do on my end.

If you are absolutely certain that your super admin followed all the steps as they deployed the app, then we may need to schedule a support call sometime to try and find out what the issue is. My hope is that we are both overlooking something obvious here and that it will be a simple fix, but this may take some time to resolve this one.

I’ll go ahed and ping @Tori_SU and see if we can get something scheduled as soon as possible.