Are you in the right place error after using google sign-in

We get the error of “Are you in the right place?” after signing into sketchup with an educational google account. The login has been working fine for a number of years and we just got reports today that no one can log in now. We have allowed sketchup in google admin with google having made updates that required us to re-allow permissions for apps and site.

We’re getting the same thing. Made sure the app and the extension are both allowed, and have approved Sketchup with the new Google security issues with App Permissions.

Hi @robert.horner and @adams_mm, thanks for the post! The most common cause of this particular error is either a bad deployment or our firewall blocking the connection. If you have already confirmed that you deployed the app correctly, then the only other option is that you are getting caught in our firewall for some reason.

Thankfully that is an easy fix on our end and all I need to do is get your domain so I can add you to the approved database. I’ll also need a link to your website if you have one so I can gather some info to fill out the database properly. Finally I’ll also need confirmation you are a k-12 school. Once I have all of that, I can get both of you added right away and that should resolve the error.

our domain and website is we also have too. Yes we are a k-12 public school district.


Got an email back from support yesterday, after you added my staff and student domains (which are different) everything started to work. Thanks so much!

Thanks for the info @robert.horner, I have confirmed everything is in our database so you should be all set to go. It is odd though as the first domain you included is already in the database so that should not be an issue so if the problem is on that domain, we may need to run through some additional troubleshooting steps.

Can you let me know if you are still seeing the error?