Sketchup for Schools Caught in Authentication Loop

@sgroff your domain is on the whitelist.

@iamnotwhoiam can you provide information proving that belongs to a primary or secondary education institution?

Thank you, that fixed it!

Having the same issue here. Domain is

@Brandon.Hall I’ve added your domain to our whitelist so you should be all set. Please let us know if you run into any other issues.

We are seeing the same problem
Can you please add and to the white list (one is for faculty and the stu. is for students!

Thanks in advance

Please add to the whitelist. Thanks in advance!

@CShock @jdailey your domains have been added.

Will you please add our domain as well?
We are stuck in the authentication loop.

@jlitchenberg ok, all set.

Thank you !!!

John Litchenberg
Director of Technology, Fountain Valley School

Mobile: (719)391-5498
Twitter: @edtek180

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We have individual students still encountering issues with the authentication loop. All accounts appear to be the same as the others that are working.

We have just installed Sketchup for Schools on our Microsoft Work/School account but Sketchup keeps repeating the authentication procedure. Despite repeated logins it is not proceeding. Our school domain is Can you please whitelist it and let us know on

@sprat your domain is on the whitelist.

We’ve got the same problem. Can you please add our domain to whitelist?

Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

We are experiencing the same authentication issue, could you please whitelist domain:

Many thanks

We are experiencing this issue today (it looks like a lot of people are!)
Please whitelist

We also cannot log in due to this problem. Our domain is Please whitelist.

We are also having this issues today, it seems to be working okay on the staff domain (although if you could check it is on the white list that would be great) however, students are unable to sign in, their domain is

Thank you!

Is it possible to ad and to your whitelist? Thank you.