Whitelist me please

Please whitelist kipphouston.org and kipptexas.org


@pdoherty You are all set!

I may need to be whitelisted as well because my students are not able to log in today even though they were using it yesterday.
pitt.k12.nc.us -teacher account
students.pittschools.org -student account


I have added your domains to our whitelist so you should now be able to login to SketchUp for Schools. Please note however that even with your domain approved on our end, your district’s G Suite or Microsoft Edu administrator will still need to approve the app and accept the terms of use. This should be a straightforward process but if you have any questions please let me know.

Okay thank you so much!

Hi Earlier today my students were able to use their Google accounts to log into sketch up without a problem then this afternoon they got caught in the Google authentication loop. We have G-suite for schools. How can this be fixed?

Please whitelist @lchonline.ca Students are at the end of a design project and can no longer access their projects.

Please whitelist @gloucesterschools.com Teacher can no longer log in and students will be trying tomorrow in class.

@dleveille @spiper @phosmar Please refer to the following post for information on how to regain access. We apologize for the confusion. SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users