How do I know if my school can continue using SketchUp for Schools?

My class has been using for the past week. When you go into SketchUp it says that it will be available to everyone through September 30th. How do I make sure my classes can keep using it next month?

Sorry for the confusion. The message that you’re referring to is informing users that public access to SketchUp for Schools is going away at the end of September. Earlier this spring we removed the Google and Microsoft sign in requirements for SketchUp for Schools and began allowing users to log in using their personal email addresses. This was in an effort to provide quick access to students and teachers who were forced into distance learning on short notice.

SketchUp for Schools is here to stay, we are just reinstating the requirement that users sign in using a Google or Microsoft O365 Education account. As long as students are signed in with their school email address they will be fine. If they happen to have made an account with a personal email, they will need to transfer their .skp files over to the drive account associated with their school email.

My students are trying to log in right now, but it keeps telling them to log in with a g-suite for education account. They are definitely logging in with their school account but can’t get in

My students are signing in with their school email (through google) and cannot get in today. Their emails are all and mine is How can we get in?
Thank you.

@Mccuneas and @mwinn Have your school administrators previously allowed SketchUp for Schools on your domain? This will need to happen to allow access to your students. If this step has been completed and you are still having issues, please send us you domain names and we will add them to the whitelist.

In your case mwinn, I’ve whitelisted them already.

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We are still having issues with our domaine only since October.

Our IT administrator enabled SketchUp in September.

Thanks for your help.

We are having problems logging into Sketchup for schools.
Can you whitelist and

please white list us

If you would please whitelist the following domains for our ISD (and the schools contained therein) as well, it would be appreciated.

imschools. org
students.imschools. org

students.nvknights. org
diisd. org
kingsford. org
stu.kingsford. org
myflorence. org
niagara.k12.wi. us

westiron. org
fptrojans. org

@KyleKK @csimmons @fbrooks It appears that Google suddenly changed how our application is authorized. We are still investigating but try going to our GSuite Marketplace listing as an administrator and select “Domain Install”. If that does not solve the issue, please let @Tori_SU know and she can whitelist you.

I added it to one domain and it looks to be working. Thanks. I’ll work on the others.

I added the app a couple of months ago.
I asked Tori to whitelist our domains.
Haven’t heard back yet.

@fbrooks Sorry for the delay, what is the domain that you would like added to the whitelist?

Thanks Steve:

Steve, can you please whitelist We are current both MS and Google admin console, and it’s still not letting us get in.

@fbrooks & @dave_hawken I’ve added both of your domains so you should be good to go.

Just a reminder, your G Suite administrator will still need to accept the SketchUp for Schools permissions and deploy the app to your domain.

Please let me know if you have any additional issues logging in!

@fbrooks In addition to whitelisting your domain, you or your IT administrator will likely need to reinstall the app due to recent Google changes. Please refer to our recent post for more information: SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users