SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users

Thanks, I’ve added your domain to our whitelist which should resolve the error. Can you please check again and let me know?

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Yes it works now, thank you!

We have domain installed (verified in the Admin console) and I have granted all permissions.

We are stuck in the “Sign in with Google” --> Choose an account --> “Are you in the right place?” --> “Sign in with Google” -->… loop.

Is it because our school domain does not end in .edu? Is that the way Sketchup for Schools is filtering educational institutions?

We were able to use the service and have half a dozen class sections actively using it for current classes. Can we please be added to the whitelist?


Yes. Students and teachers are both under the domain.


Sorry - I have no idea why your other post has been marked as spam but we’ll look into it!

I’ve added your domain ( to our whitelist which should resolve your login issues. Please check again and let me know if this does the trick!

@bsteinbach You are all set!

I’ve followed the steps to re-grant access. What URL do I grant pop-ups on?

Also, my domain is, I believe it needs to be whitelisted.


Do you need to whitelist our domain too? and Seems we were getting similar errors

From morning to night we can’t access Sketchup for schools. added to wishlist and app allowed for all domain users. All students locked out

All steps Followed and no access. Left outside alone and don’t really know where to go from here

Domain :
Educational Domain
Stopped working for all users on the 8th October 2020
Google Says its a Sketchup issue and nothing to do with them

Help would be really appreciated

Educational account

Still not working

Please whitelist these domains:

We had to be whitelisted before, and it looks like we need to again. Teachers and students are freaking out. Please do it quickly.

Followed all those steps still not allowed

Hello Steve

Could you give us a hand too Educational gsuite Blocked last week. Students can’t reach their work. Please let us know.


Can you please help us out too… Students don’t have access because of the Pop-up (Are you in the right place?). Please whitelist our domain:

It looks like we may be good at this point. Thanks for your help! I’ll have a better idea once kids start using them.

Also, I had to disable ad blocking and could not use icognito mode in Chrome to do my testing. I’ve never had issues like that before with other sites that utilize Sign In With Google.

Completely removed the app from our domains, and reinstalled. No difference. We need to be whitelisted.

@Tori_SU We are also getting the “Are you in the right place?” message, even after a re-install with the new process. Please whitelist

How do I request our school to be added to the whitelist? We sign in through a state managed account ( Any information would be appreciated.

Hello I am having difficulties as well.

I have a very important deadline and cannot access my files.


I have a project due today please assist.

Thank you