User Error

We are a schools district. I know nothing about sketchup other then its added to our G Suite

apps. FOr 1 user they cannot login Error attached. What can I do?

Your domain needs to be whitelisted, so you should post that here and ping @Steve_Ketchup

How would I do that? Also if that were the case why would it work for all other users?

By typing your@domain and pinging (@Steve_Ketchup )
In this thread…

@CRCSD @Steve_Ketchup

Hi, I’ve been fighting this student access issue for a few days - I’ve done a fresh domain install, done permissions, allowed popups, whitelisted in admin, etc. etc., but Admin and teachers are all that can get in - not students. Can we try a whitelist on your end please? …and do I need to accept permissions again after that’s done? We are K-8 parochial in MI. Thanks in advance for your help. I posted last week, but apparently didn’t reach the right person. domain is