I can't login to "sketchup for schools"

Hi, literally i cannot sign in website “sketch up for school”
i have G site education account but continuously they said you have to log in with education account…
i don’t know what is problem i log in with my edu account but they refuse again and again,
I hope tthis problem will be resolved as soon as possible

Hi @Seu

SketchUp for Schools is only available to primary and secondary schools enrolled with G Suite or Microsoft for Education. In some cases, we need to manually approve your school’s domain as Google will mistake .org, .edu & .net addresses with higher education.

Hello, I am having a similar issue. How do you get approved? we are craneschool.org domain and K-8

@swheat I have added your domain to our registry. Please be aware that your G Suite admin will need to approve the permissions for the app in order to deploy SketchUp for Schools to your domain. If this has not yet been done, please direct your admin to the SketchUp for Schools app page on the G Suite marketplace: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/sketchup_for_schools/260457348581

Can you please add @k12.hi.us to the registry? We are having students that are unable to access the program.

and their Chromebook looks like this. While other students can access SketchUp.
Please help.

Salve Steve, nella nostra scuola usiamo la piattaforma Google Workspace e ne sono l’amministratore. Nello scorso anno scolastico ho aggiunto l’applicazione SketchUp for Schools al dominio e abbiamo lavorato senza problemi. Quest’anno non riusciamo ad accedere all’applicazione.
Ho provato a disinstallare SketchUp a livello di dominio e l’ho installata di nuovo, dando le autorizzazioni ad accedere a Drive e Classroom.
Ci devi forse autorizzare?
Il nostro dominio è “scuolaradice.it”

Hi Steve,

We are a Gsuite for Education school (domain is calhoun.org) and while i was able to login (im the domain administrator) to sketchup, my faculty and students are encountering the “Are you in the right place” error. I’ve approved the permissions etc. Can you help?


Hi, we are also getting the are you in the right place pop-up. Please add northcantonschools.org to the approved list.


We are experiencing the same issue at Morristown Central School (mcsk12.org)

Can someone please whitelist us?

I keep getting the message there is an internal error on your part. My school has access but I do not have access. The other teacher on campus does and I do not. Please give me access. Also our students have access.


Here is the error code I get while trying to login.


I have G site education account. recently
I changed my account from(@namsanm.kr ) to (@namsan-m.gne.go.kr),
but the program doest start, so please help me to figure out his problem as soon as possible.

Steve left SketchUp. Hopefully @CaseyG will be able to help.

I have a G-suit for education account.

I changed my account from(@namsanm.kr ) to (@namsan-m.gne.go.kr),

but the program doest start, so please help me to figure out his problem as soon as possible.

2022년 4월 9일 (토) 오후 3:08, Colin Holgate via SketchUp Forum <sketchup@discoursemail.com>님이 작성:

Hi @mariah.mccabe, thanks for your interest in SketchUp for Schools.I made sure you have access to the app by manually adding you to the database so you should be able to access it. Can you please give it a try and let me know if you are still having issues?

@dotori, I was able to confirm your information and get you added to the database. You should be all set.

Thanks for the help
I hope that the @[namsan-m.gne.go.kr](http://namsan-m.gne.go.kr) account can be taken action as soon as possible.

2022년 4월 12일 (화) 오전 5:11, Casey Grothus via SketchUp Forum <sketchup@discoursemail.com>님이 작성:

Sketchup for schools is not linked in @namsan-m.gne.go.kr account.
This is after changing the account from @namsanm.kr to @namsan-m.gne.go.kr.
I am not taking modeling classes.
Please let me know if it is possible.
I have to find another alternative.

@dotori Your domain address has been manually registered, but this does not supercede the requirement for an administrator of your domain to deploy the app. Please refer to the steps indicated in this post. Once the app has been deployed and the permissions accepted it will be available for you by everyone on that domain.

We are a private 6-12 school. Our staff domain is rma.edu and our student domain is rmalife.net. we use Google Workspace for Education. We’ve deployed via Google Admin but can’t sign in with the same error others have reported. May we please have our domains approved?

J’ai donné les autorisation sur mon domaine est je n’ai toujours pas accès. Pouvez vous autoriser mon domaine @collegeleportalet.fr ? J’ai des élèves qui ont maximum 15 ans.