Log in stopped working but works for students and other teachers in district

My sketchup for schools account (kane.swaney@cr.k12.de.us gsuite user) stopped working a few weeks ago after being active and working for years , it worked great this summer as I used t heavily to learn it for a remote learning resource. It works great for another teacher I work with and students still. I logged in with a student account tonight and it worked fine they all have the same .cr.k12.de.us domain . What could be the problem with my log in account? Thank You

Google changed their process. There’s a thread on that. In addition, a teacher in a school district with a state domain found that the IT folks at the state level had to make some changes. Maybe the case for you?

I. Read about that and getting whitelisted. However other accounts with in our district work the problem seems like it is my individual account.