Account suddenly not working?

I’ve been using SketchUp for Schools since this summer with no trouble. Halfway through my lessons today my account wouldn’t log in. Our IT department has tried to help with no success. Students can still log in with no trouble, and I was able to log in with another teacher’s credentials. Is there a way to check my account status and see if it can be whitelisted? Thank you!

@adigaudio Are you still experiencing login issues? Are you using an education account that had previously been been allowed by your administrator, and if so is the domain the same across your school?

Hi Tori,

It’s an education account that had previously been allowed by the admin.

Surprisingly, I got home and tried again and everything seems to be reset and now working fine (but it had me redo the TOS and my Home tab doesn’t have any projects shown). Hopefully it was just a glitch of some sort. Thank you for your prompt response!

Thank you for confirming that, and sorry for the inconvenience!