Student accounts no longer able to login

We have a few students who can no longer login to Sketchup for schools using their Google account. We have over 50 students that have been using the program, but for some reason all of a sudden a few students cannot login. I have tried logging in as one of the students on a Chromebook and it gives the message that they are unable to login. I have cleared the cache and cookies for the particular user. We are on Chrome version 122.

Very odd that only a few people can’t access SketchUp for Schools and that the rest can access it. That indicates to me that the issue is not with our firewall or database and a quick ping of the server indicates that they are all online so it is nothing that I can see on our end.

My best guess is that something got messed up in the settings for the student accounts. I’ll bring this up with @Tori_SU tomorrow afternoon in our meeting and see if we can come up with a guess as to what setting got messed up and how to fix it quickly for you.

Casey, if you need one of the usernames please let me know.


Thanks, but hopefully we won’t need to go that far. Can you check the account and privacy settings on one of the student accounts that is not able to log in? Hopefully it is somewhere in there. It is also possible that a setting in the “you and Google” setting panel got messed up so give that a look too.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 1.43.11 PM

Of course I am working under the assumption that all your users are on the same domain and that you are using Chrome as a browser so if you are using a different browser or have multiple domains we may need to rethink a few things to figure out a solution for you.

Hi again @nfranke, I figure I should to check in with you and see if you are still running into any issues. I have not heard from you since my last post so I am just trying to see if you still need assistance or if the steps I outlined worked for you?

Casey, the users seem to be working now.


Excellent, I’ll go ahead and mark this as resolved. Hopefully this thread helps someone in the future if they have a similar problem. As always, feel free to start a new thread if you run into another issue. I hope that your students enjoy using SketchUp and end up making some awesome models.