Student Login Issues - SketchUp for Schools

Hi, My name is Patrick. My students started having trouble logging into our Google SketchUp for Schools App on our Chromebooks in mid December 2022.

We had not had this trouble before, but at that time we found about 6 of my 16 students we not able to open SketchUp to submit their final projects in our class. I just started with a new group yesterday and had them try to log in and most of the 16 students could not log in. Is this something you can help me with? Thank you.

@CaseyG should be able to check into this.

Thanks for the post @pferrante, I am not sure what might be causing the issue but I can verify that everything is working on our end and you are in the database. If you are still seeing the issue by the time this post is live, can you let me know?

CaseyG, Hello. I had made sure students updated Chrome yesterday. Most are on Version 102. When they try to log into SketchUp, the SketchUp logo just spins. A few students were able to refresh their screen with some luck, but most just went back into a spin. At this time our Tech Admin has not re-deployed SketchUp. Is this something she will need to do? SketchUp was deployed a few years ago. I am not sure about the process, but can you confirm if there is a way to Un-Deploy, then Re-Deploy SketchUp.
Thank you.

You should not need to redeploy the app @pferrante , but if you want to do so I don’t think it will cause any problems. If I were to guess as to the issue I am guessing that it is just a bad file in the cache or a out of date cookie that is causing the issue.

Can you try clearing the cache and cookies and let me know if that fixes it? If it doesn’t fix it, I’ll ask the rest of the team for instructions on redeploying the app for you.

Here is how we worked around this issue:
When they get to the error screen…
Click on sign in with google
confirm email
on next screen cancel sign-in then click continue
If a popup appears scroll down and click “allow”
Sketchup should open each time.

Yes its an odyssey, but it works. Try it