SketchUp for Schools - Chromebooks - Not loading for some students?

We have random students, on Chromebooks (Dell 3100) using SketchUp for Education. When they go to the website, via direct URL or the waffle menu app in Google, it will show the Sketchup logo spinning in the background, the screen will go gray, and the popup to login with Google will never show up. There is no windows waiting behind the main tab that need input, it just never shows the login. We are not restricting it, it has full permissions in G Suite, and many students in the same class will work, while others can’t. Any idea as to what might be causing this? Thanks.

Same issue here. Any suggestions?

Hi @jpainter, thanks for the post. I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with SketchUp for Schools. It is entirely possible that we have a bad cookie or a bad cached file somewhere. Can you try loading the app in an incognito window on one of the student accounts that is not loading and let me know what you see?