Student Authentication issue on chromebooks


Our student google accounts are unable to authenticate to on their chromebooks. They get stuck at a gray screen with a rotating sketchup logo. On the same device, our teacher accounts have no issue. On Windows PCs, Our student and teacher accounts both can access
Have you heard of this happening before, and do you have any troubleshooting tips?

I have the same issue. Kevin, were you able to figure it out? If not, good luck! If I do get it to work, I will post the answer here.

Is anyone hearing from Sketchup on this issue? I have exactly the same problem, have posted several times, but no response…Maybe giving up for this school year is the only choice?.. Does anyone know of an alternative CAD app or program that would give students a little experience?

We haven’t heard anything from Sketchup. However, we did find workaround that allows MOST students to log into Sketchup. They HAVE to install the App from the Sketchup Login window, reboot, and then log back into Skectchup. The process has to be exact, or you may end up powerwashing the Chromebook. It could take several reboots for the final step to work as expected. Our process for them is:

Open the App from the Google Waffle Board.
Sign in using Google.
When the Sketchup Logo starts spinning, click the three vertical dots in the upper right of Chrome.
Select Install Sketchup for Schools.
In the Install App popup box, click Install.
Once it is installed, students will be redirected to the App. Have them close the App.
Reboot the Chromebook and log back in.
Students should now be able to open Sketchup from the App or the Google Waffle Board.

The login window can sometimes get lost behind other windows, making it seem like the app is stuck. But if something is silently crashing behind the scenes, we definitely need to put together a fix. Does anyone have any other information about when this is happening?

@samsartor @Tori_SU , Thank you for looking into this, and for whitelisting our account. I’m not sure I’m much help, but I have spent lots of time trying to make this work. I was following @TFerguson directions to find a workaround without success, when I saw that our domain had been registered. Therefore I uninstalled Sketchup for Schools, did a fresh domain install and granted permissions. Starting with myself as Admin I was able to log in easily, then as a teacher the same, but still no go with the students. They don’t have access to the “waffle board” so they enter, the login with google popup appears, and immediately when they click on their account the loop starts. I have consulted with G Suite Support, and they claim my settings are okay. I’ll gladly share student credentials with someone, or even create a dummy student if that will help diagnose this.

We found a resolution by modifying our student content filter, iboss. Our students are getting filtered through an onsite appliance, but when we switch the students to cloud-based content filtering, they are able to use sketchup successfully.

We found that if we signed the students in with a device other than a Chromebook, they could log in and their credentials would be cached allowing them to log into Sketchup on their Chromebooks. We have given up for now.