Cannot log in with google - shows as blocked


My students are trying out (they use chromebooks only) but I have run into a problem. The students are unable to log in to google - when they try, they receive a message that it is blocked. My students did not have this problem last November - has something changed on your end? If not, any suggestions?

Thanks for any help!



It is also possible that your school’s IT admin has blocked access. We aren’t really ready for production use in an academic setting yet (stay tuned for more announcements on that subject) primarily because of challenges around setting up accounts for students using Google’s GSuite for Edu on their Chromebooks.

Can you post a screenshot of the error you’re getting?



Thank you. I did also reach out to our IT to see if they did indeed block it. I cannot recreate the error on my machine, but I can get a student to take a screenshot tomorrow and I will send it on.

My students love your program, BTW. I show the first couple of instructional videos in class, and listening to the gasps and comments that begin around the time of the first demonstration of use of the push-pull tool always brings a smile to my face! I know the Chromebook app is still much more limited than the full program, but I am very thankful for the app as it is more than sufficient for an introduction to the possibilities.

Thanks again for your response, and I’ll send that screenshot tomorrow.

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I don’t know how to post this within the topic, so I am attaching a screenshot of the message the students receive. It is mostly a black screen, so I don’t know how helpful it might be.

I heard back from our tech support as well. I did a copy and paste of his response, in case it might be helpful:

“I looked at it with a student Chromebook over the weekend.
The site itself is fine. I also spoke with IT and they would block the whole site or nothing, as it is harder to just block a sub-page.
What we are thinking is that Adobe changed who verifies the accounts and the site they use is a site, or server, that we do block. That would be the only way that this would happen.
I attempted to speak with Adobe but they were not open to telling me who, or the site, that they are using to verify the accounts. Without that information I am not able to get IT to see about unblocking the log in site, or even being able to explain why that was blocked.”

The students are able to download files to save them but of course because the version they use is web-based, cannot re-access them directly. I know how to access them when the google sync is working. Is it possible to have the app look to the chromebook drive directly to restore, rather than syncing with google?

Thank you in advance for any further insight you may be able to provide!


Hi Laurie, is some kind of 3rd-party URL blacklisting tool, is it possible that your school is using that to filter web access by students to malicious websites? Potentially (I hope erroneously) including ours?